Reviving the ancient divination art of Geomancy

The Soul of the World

For geomancers, we have simply no time for the modern notion that the world of nature is a passive collection of objects waiting for us to push our interpretations on them. Our perspective is that nature is an active, creative presence. This is related to the knowledge of the Earth as a living and conscious entity: not simply a mass of raw material for our use, but an intelligent creature  in whose mass body we live and move and have our being. Few people remember that before the unfortunate rise of modern materialist thought, that concept was central in most Western cultures.

The old magical philosophy of the West sees all living beings as unities formed of three aspects: anima, or soul, the aspect of consciousness and essence, spiritus, or life, the aspect of energy, imagery, and vitality; and corpus, or body, the aspect of material form. So alongside the corpus mundi, or body, of the world, the physical world of matter we experience with our senses, traditional lore places the spiritus mundi, the essential life-energy of the world, and the anima mundi, the soul of the world, its consciousness and innate intelligence.

It’s in the anima mundi, the consciousness of the world, that the patterns perceived by geomancers take shape as rhythms in the interaction of the four magical elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Each of the geomantic figures represents a particular pattern of forces, with single and double dots representing active and passive elemental influences, respectively. These patterns echo outward through the spiritus mundi to become visible to our ordinary senses in the realm of the corpus mundi.



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