Geomancy can answer almost all questions. The shield chart, I found, is very useful to answer a yes or no question and provide insights about your current state. For a more in-depth reading, I appoint a question to a house in the House chart.

Below, you can find which house refers to what question. This may also help you to formulate a clear question so I can provide the best possible answer to your business reading.

For readings for business purposes I adapted each house’s pedigree as if they were departments of a corporation.

The Business Houses

The Company self – 1st house:   The first house represents the journey that your business is on.  Further, it describes how other people see your business, its appearance, and its outer personality.

Wealth Management – 2nd house:   As for personal readings, House 2 describes all financial matters of the business.  This would include your cash flow, your assets & equity, and the earning and spending habits off the business.

PR & Communications – 3rd house:  The third house is the house of communication.  It reflects your ability to network and exchange information – which includes all forms of information exchange such as paper, internet, or telephony.  Further, this house describes how you make connections in your immediate environment.

The Board – 4th house: In a business spread, House 4 represents who the business is behind closed doors.   In addition, it represents the board: the relationship and mood between its members. Finally, it is also the significator of completion: how the situation posed by the question will end.

Risk management & Marketing – 5th house:  The fifth house represents the creative self-expression of the business.   This would include advertising campaigns and social media.   In a business chart, the 5th house reflects the risks (gamble) that the business is willing to take to move itself to the next level and how it manages them.

HR / subcontractors – 6th house:  This is the house that represents your employees and your relationship with them as the 6th house is the natural ruler of day to day activities, work and duties of the company.  Furthermore, the 6th house describes the way you provide personal services to your customers and your relations with your suppliers.

Strategic Partnerships / Competitors – 7th house:  This house reflects your relationship with your partners, vendors, and associates that you need to create alliances with in order for your business to run efficiently.  This is also a relevant house for questions related to open enemies, your competition, and strategies to win market share or what have you.

Loans – 8th house:  In geomancy, the 8th house often describes something that is missing, such as a payment.   In business, this is your account receivables, money lent to other parties, an abstract or concrete loss of something and a re-start of a cycle among other things.

Vision/Mission – International trade – 9th house:  The 9th house of the chart reflects the big picture.  We all go into business with a broader objective than just starting a business.   The goals and aspirations of your business on a larger level are symbolized by this house.  Further, the house reflects your opinions and beliefs about your community and your broader understanding of your customers and partnerships.  Relations with foreign markets and international logistics issues may also apply to this house.

Reputation / Lobbying – 10th house: The 10th house reflects your public image, your reputation, your position in the business community and your relation with authorities (government, head office, etc.).

Relationships / source of help – 11th house:  The 11th house reflects your associates or other people in your industry.  For example, if you are a doctor then other doctors and referring partners that you associate with would fall under this category.  Further, the dreams and visions of your business are symbolized by the 11th house.

Debts and Taxes – 12th house:  In geomancy, the 12th house is the house of self-undoing, pain and of secret enemies.  In a business setting, this would reflect how you may limit your business with dysfunctional behavioral patterns, but also your relation with taxes, debt and your liabilities (account payables).


 * A question may apply to several houses at once. For example: Should I hire this consultant to implement this solution to a problem? The consultant is house 7, the problem (illness) is house 6, and the strategy (i.e. the treatment) applies to house 10.


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