Geomantic_instrument_Egypt_or_Syria_1241_1242_CE_Muhammad_ibn_Khutlukh_al_MawsuliGeomancy is a complete system of divination, magic and spiritual practice founded on an ancient vision of the Earth as a living, conscious entity.

The geomancers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance would have been astonished that any of this needs to be explained at all. Less than four hundred years ago, practically everyone in the Western world knew about geomancy, and professional geomancers were as common in most communities as psychologist are today. Dozens of handbooks of geomancy saw print in the 16th and 17th centuries. These drew from an even larger collection of geomancy literature from the European Middle Ages, in which geomantic divination formed the core of a complete system of Earth wisdom with many practical and spiritual applications.

Although it was deeply rooted in medieval European culture, geomancy did not originate in Europe. One plausible theory suggests that it was an adaptation of older African divination systems. The Arabs may have gotten it from there as it became part of everyday culture throughout their region.

The richly developed Arabic traditions of geomancy eventually moved north into the nations of Europe, part of torrent of cultural treasures that helped end the Dark Ages and lay the foundations for the Renaissance. Once it arrived in Europe, geomancy spread just as rapidly as it had through the Muslim world and became an everyday part of the cultural scene.

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