Reading the Shield Chart

The heart and soul of Geomancy lies in the interpretation of the chart cast. The Shield Chart is the most common Geomantic Chart, which is generated by rearranging the Figures in the Shield Chart. Interpreting the Shield Chart, then, is one of the most important skills to master in the art of Geomancy. When I read Shield Charts, I do so in a very specific order and a very specific way.

The Judge and Witnesses

I always start my interpretation of the Shield Chart by reading the Judge, the Figure that sums up the rest of the Chart, being as it is derived from every single Figure present. The Judge is the Figure that best sums up the answer to the question that you asked, and represents the present situation, the relationship between past and future, and the relationship between the person asking the question and the question itself. This is the most important Figure in any Geomantic Shield Chart, and so it deserves special attention.

After an initial examination of the Judge, I examine the two Witnesses, Right first and then Left. The Right Witness represents the past and the one asking the question. The Left Witness represents the future and the question’s influence. After examining how the Figure present fits into its position, and doing that for both Witnesses, I go back and re-examine the Judge in terms of it serving as a link between the two Witnesses, paying any special attention to any similarities between these Figures.

The Way of the Points

Following a close examination of the Judge and Witnesses, I then check to see if there is a Way of the Points. Often, the questions one seeks answers to are complex, and often the true answers lie hidden beneath several layers. The Way of the Points helps to find the true source of a problem if it is hidden. Divining the Way of the Points involves looking at the Fire, or Head, lines of the Figures.

The Four Triplicities

Once I have examined the underlying causes of a situation, I examine the four Triplicities. Each Triplicity has its own meaning, and this is where their interpretations differ from that of the Judge and Witnesses. While the Judge and the Witnesses represent the situation as a whole, each Triplicity represents a specific aspect of the situation.

The First Triplicity represents the questioner, or querent, and their larger role in the situation. The Second Triplicity represents the role that large events and powerful forces shape the situation. The Third Triplicity represents the role that the querent’s home environment and family affect the situation, and the Fourth Triplicity represents the larger influence of society on the situation.

Rearranging the Chart

Once I have gone through the entire Shield Chart, I rearrange the Figures into the House Chart. The House Chart is a very useful tool for placing the influences of the world around you into a more concrete context than the Shield Chart does. The Shield Chart is rather abstract in its nature, and the House Chart is more detailed and is directly tied to distinct, concrete spheres of one’s life.

There are many links between Geomancy and Astrology, and all of the Figures have links to astrological symbols. The twelve Geomantic Houses are very, very similar to the Astrological Houses. Each Geomantic House represents a certain sphere of life and existence, and Figures found within a specific House manifest themselves in that particular sphere of life. In the House Chart, then, each of the Houses acts like a position in a Chart, with the meanings of the positions instead being the spheres the influences manifest in as represented by the twelve Houses.

The Significators

After placing all twelve Figures around the House Chart, the next step is to determine the Chart’s Significators. A Significator is a specific Figure within a House that holds special meaning. The first Significator, the Significator of the Querent, is easy to determine: the Figure in the First House is the Significator of the Querent. The Significator of the Querent represents the questioner, or the person who the question is asking about. This Significator can also tell the reader how the questioner will be affected by the situation being questioned.

The second Significator is the Significator of the Quesited, and represents the question itself, and the situation surrounding. It provides an additional layer of complexity to the Significator of the Querent, and can act as a simple (or simplified) answer to the basic question being asked. The Significator of the Quesited is determined based upon the question being asked.

The final Significator is the Significator of Completion. The Significator of Completion is always in the Fourth House, and represents how the situation posed by the question will end.

Projection of Points

Like the Way of the Points in a Shield Chart, this method can be used to find any hidden factors in a chart. I Simply add up all of the single points on all of the Figures in the Twelve Houses, and then subtract twelve from that number until I get a number less than twelve (zero counts as twelve in this). Then, I locate the House indicated by that number, and there I find the energy and location of the most subtle, hidden influence on the situation.

A similar process, called the Part of Fortune, is done in the exact same way, except that I add up all of the dots, not just the single ones. The House and Figure indicated by this result indicate where you possibly may gain the most by focusing your efforts on, or more traditionally, the House most likely to grant you fortune (i.e. luck).


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